The Parents' Survival Guide to Christmas Gifting



Too early to start planning for Christmas? We vote, no!


Here are some top picks which we think you’ll love for both the little ones just learning to hold a crayon or scissors, and older children who are already experts at these skills. These gifts are all very practical and help aid creativity and learning!




Peanut Pastel Crayons Set - 36 pcsNEW!




The innovative Peanut-shaped crayons allows for a good grip, and added confidence when children practice their fine motor skills through colouring or writing.


Aka ‘Clean Hands Crayons’, they do not dirty hands, and if they do, the colouring marks can be washed off with soap and water. An important attribute for any art supplies, we think. We’ve designed these series of Wall Colouring Sticker Sheets which are meant to go perfectly with our washable Peanut Crayons. Cleaning up is a breeze, we promise.



What’s more! We all know that younger children generally love to put fingers and crayons into their mouths. These Peanut Crayons are odourless and safe - meeting Chinese, European and American safety standards, helping to put us parents at ease! 


Play it safe and choose non-toxic. We surely want the best for our kids and also the little ones we are gifting these lovely crayons to!


Let's Cut Paper Set


Further develop your child's fine motor skills and coordination through cutting practice. This set contains our child-safe YPlus’ Cuckoo pocket scissors with retractable round-tipped blades for your peace of mind. 



This set include:

  • 240pcs of coloured paper with 15 thematic outlines such as Animals, Vegetables, Transportation, etc

  • 1 Safety scissors which only cuts paper, perfect for toddlers, and

  • 1 Cuckoo Pocket scissors.




Happy Bus (5 Tiers)


Treat your kids! This 5-tiered bus has everything for stationery lovers. Allow your children to practice a variety of skills, including writing, sharpening, colouring, and wherever their creativity takes them!


#ParentHack - It comes packed in a gift bag, perfect for gifting! No wrapping required.



What's inside?

  • 12  fibre pens

  • 12 peanut crayons

  • 4 star pencils

  • 1 click eraser

  • 1 glue stick

  • 1 20cm 4-in-1 ruler

  • 1 safety scissors, and

  • 1 owl sharpener. 


Ander's Adventure Colouring Set


Ready packed in a hardcover box, this colouring set helps keep everything neat and tidy anytime, anywhere. Compact and handy, take it on-the-go for endless outdoor colouring adventures and let nature inspire their art!








The set includes:

  • 12 super washable fibre pens

  • 1 coloring book, and

  • Stickers!


Spread happy vibes amongst your loved ones and show you care. A little gift goes a long way! Shop for more colouring and craft products on Enjoy *free delivery for local orders above S$50! *Terms and Conditions apply.


Have a jolly Christmas season! ✨


-Y Plus SG