Turn Up the Fun with Stationery Craft Activities

From pencil shaving art to scissor skills practice fun, amp up the fun and keep your little ones occupied with these great ideas!


Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.

Diane Ackerman


Throw away those pencil shavings no more!

Recycle them and make this fish pencil shaving art for a start and countless more crafts afterwards. All you need are colour pencils, sharpeners, paper, glue, and lots of imagination! Get creative!



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* Comes in bright colours and funny designs

* Soft grip for comfort

* Two holes for standard and jumbo pencils 

* Large capacity reduces the frequency of emptying of shavings


Make compass art and draw geometric flowers with a compass

Besides using the compass for Mathematics and Science, try creating cool patterns with your child. It’s a fun project for all ages, we think!


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* Soft grip for comfort

* Easy control

* With good stability, it is easy to learn how to draw great circles


Train up your little one’s wrist strength, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with cutting practice! This aids writing skills too. 


Featured: YPlus Rocket Scissors


* Suitable for kids aged 3+

* Rounded ends, safe for small hands 

* Made of safe plastic material, which does not conduct electricity

* Only cuts paper, which won’t cut hair or clothing


According to UNICEF, “in the primary grades, play opportunities enhance children's mastery of academic concepts and build motivation to learn. In fact, two of the most important things that play can develop are interest and motivation. Encouraging these in the early grades brings children on board in contributing to their own learning.”


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-Y Plus SG