Looking for Activities for the Coming School Holidays? 

We've rounded up the low-effort activities because we know how busy life can get when you are a parent. 


Love the great outdoors?

Let your little ones run free and explore with these activities. 


  1. Go on a Colour Hunt: Print out the free colour scavenger hunt page and look for those colours in nature


  1. Take a Listening Walk Outdoors: Document what you hear while taking a nature walk. This is a great sensory activity!


  1. Rock Balancing STEAM Activity: Combine the science of gravity, basic engineering, and art while enjoying nature.


  1. Ander's Adventure Colouring Set: This colouring set comes ready packed in a hardcover box which helps keep everything neat and tidy anytime, anywhere. Its compact size makes it easy to take on-the-go for outdoor colouring adventures!



Love stay at home activities?

Roll up your sleeves and get creative with these ideas! 


  1. Tape Shape Game: Use tape to put a variety of shapes, letters and/ or numbers on your floor. Have your child stand on their favorite one then give them instructions to follow that will lead them to their next destination (for example: “bear crawl to the square”, “hop like a Frog to the T”, “Run to the rectangle”).


  1. Optical Illusion STEAM Handprint Activity: A simple Op Art activity with just markers, paper, and your hands! Watch your hands emerge and look almost 3D. 


  1. Make a Building Block Rainbow: A fabulous idea for younger children who are just beginning to learn their colours, this project only requires a variety of colourful Legos or blocks and a hand-drawn paper rainbow outline. Start a great conversation about primary colours with this activity too!


  1. Let's Cut Paper Set: Learning how to use scissors helps develop your child's fine motor skills and coordination. This set contains our YPlus’ Cuckoo pocket scissors with retractable round-tipped blades which are child-safe.



 Did you know? 

  • Play dough, paint, short fat crayons aid in building muscle for kids to write well.

  • Cutting activities help train coordination and motor skills.


Shop colouring and craft products on www.yplus.sg, and keep your little ones entertained and engaged with these activities. Have fun! ✨


-Y Plus SG