Colouring Activities to Keep Your Little One Occupied

Photo by Kromatos from Pexels


Colouring tools like crayons, colour pencils, fibre pens are great for developing fine motor skills and creativity. They're a must-have in every playroom! 


Activity Village has some great colouring pages to keep your little one occupied. Colour by number, by pattern, there are even Mathematics facts colouring pages where your child can solve simple sums to find the colour.


For younger children, help them colour and practice learning their ABCs with alphabet printables from First School


More than just colouring pictures, encourage kindness and gratefulness through the colouring of positive quotes such as this 'Be Kind' printable from Colouring Home and 'Thankful' quotes from Doodle Art Alley


“Art has the role in education of helping children 

become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.”

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens.


Already tried printables? Why not try this next? Doodle away together with your children using this homemade art activity by Happy Hooligans


When colouring and creating, our little artists have free reign, and can paint the world! 


We've rounded up art supplies and colouring tools that are perfect for children to use, and are a breeze to clean-up as well. Win-win for both the children and adults. Hooray!


Washable Art Supplies, Found! 


  1. Parrot (Normal) 12 colour/set

YPlus+ colouring pens have super watercolour performance, are washable, and come in a fun and innovative parrot design. Another cool feature, these pens come with a rope attached. No more playing hide and seek with the pen caps! Caps are also ventilated for safety, in the event they come loose and are accidentally ingested. (SAFETY TIP: Make sure the art supplies you give your children are age-appropriate and always supervise them.)


  1. Elephant (Jumbo) Super Washable 12 colours

These Elephant fibre pens feature a tapered nib which allows for creating both thin and broad lines. With a large ink capacity, they also do not dry out as quickly! Also, super washable (our topic of the day) - their ink comes off hands, most fabrics, and furniture easily. Finally, their jumbo size helps our little ones grip and hold them successfully.


  1. Solid Peanut - 24 pcs

Aka ‘Clean Hands Crayons’, these Peanut Crayons do not dirty hands, and if they do, the colouring marks can be washed off with soap and water. Also odourless, and durable - they don’t break easily. Perfect for little hands, their innovative peanut shape allows for a good grip, and coloring with them helps children in strengthening their fine motor skills.


These don't leave residue on hands (or walls). An important attribute for any art supplies, we think. Give these picks a try!


Another Tip!

Children generally love to put fingers and crayons into their mouths, and more than that, their bodies are also developing and they would be more susceptible to the presence of toxins in their stationery. We wouldn't want them to ingest them! 


YPlus' Peanut Crayons for example, meet Chinese, European and American safety standards. 


Play it safe and choose non-toxic!


Have fun!

-Y Plus SG