Tips to Get Your Children Involved in Spring Cleaning

Simple strategies for busy parents to involve children in the cleaning process. 


“As far back as Dr. Montessori's method, cleaning activities have been recommended for children as part of their practical life training”, says Sharon Sarles, Director and Owner of Organization Strategies.


  1. Cleaning develops self-confidence.

  2. Chores develop fine motor skills.

  3. Cleaning at an early age teaches children that it’s a part of life.



Tip #1

Pump up the music, use a clean up song! Songs and rituals are good to implement clean up activities to make it a fun activity and to ‘cue’ the brain.


Tip #2 

Make cleaning a game! Old socks can be used as hand mittens to dust off low furniture such as TV consoles. Have your children go ‘skating’ with old socks to catch dust balls on floorboards.


Tip #3

Focus on the successes! The positive feedback loop works well for children. Make clean up time fun by focusing on what your child is learning and doing well. 


Tip #4

Keep positive and show gratitude towards your child. Besides saying that you love them, let them know that you are thankful for their help in the clean up process.


Affirmation phrases help too! Watch your child’s self esteem grow with these:

“I am strong.”

“I am helpful.”

“I am never alone.”

“I will keep trying, even when things are tough.”

“I am always moving forward.”

“I get better and better every day.”


Cleaning is an excellent development opportunity for our young ones. Why not consider building clean up tasks into your child’s daily routine (not just spring cleaning season)?


Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a bountiful Lunar New Year!

-Y Plus SG