Nurturing Creative Children Through Unstructured Play and Playroom Essentials

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


Our kids are back to school! We've shared some ideas for unstructured play in our previous blog post. Read more about it here: 3 Amazing Ways How Unstructured Play is Beneficial for Children


This month we take a look at some playroom essentials that could aid in nurturing creative children.


5 Playroom Essentials


[IMPORTANT]Please make sure that the things you give your child are safe to use and age–appropriate. For example, they should be non-toxic, unbreakable and too big to be choking hazards.


  1. Daily household items such as recycled milk cartons, plastic jars with lids, cardboard boxes.

  2. Colouring and writing materials (Why not consider Y Plus' non-toxic crayons and washable fibre pens?) 

  3. Old fabric, linen, and accessories for dress-up and pretend play.

  4. Collectibles from nature such as seashells, dried leaves, acorns (wish we could travel again soon to collect them!)

  5. Open-ended toys like blocks, balls.



Have fun!

-Y Plus SG