Want to raise a lifelong reader? Check out our 5 practical tips!


What does it take to raise a lifelong reader?


Lifelong readers find joy and excitement in reading.

To grow a lifelong reader, you’ll want your child to enjoy reading on a daily basis, and view it as an enjoyable habit.


Lifelong readers enjoy picking their own books.

Encourage your child to pick out their own book at the library or bookstore. When reading something they are interested in, it naturally will be more enjoyable for them.


Lifelong readers enjoy sharing the joy of reading with others.

Think about a time when you were reading a book you couldn’t put down. I’m sure you were recommending it as a  perfect read for all your friends! This habit of a lifelong reader builds friendship and community. Getting to share about things they enjoy helps support children in establishing their self-worth and identity too.


How can you nurture a lifelong reader?

  1. Start Young

It’s never too early to nurture a lifelong reader. Babies love and respond well to inflection in tones, talking to your child from a young age helps them boost their vocabulary, and comprehension of the world around them.


  1. Add Reading Into Your Daily Routine

Give your child regular opportunities to read. Create a literacy-rich environment, where books and reading materials are easily accessible. You may also want to consider a book rotation to get your child excited about new books and stories to discover. A bedtime story reading routine also helps in winding down after a busy day at school or play.


  1. Be a Role Model

Children learn best by imitating what we, as parents, do. So, pick up a book and read away! You may set aside a quiet time to read together, or read your own books, newspapers, or magazines.


  1. Nurture Your Child’s Curiosity Through Reading

Invite your child to talk about the story in the book. Create journals, artwork, dramatic play in relation to the story. Talk about the characters, predict what might happen next. Encouraging your older children to delve deeper into the story can help develop their emotional and social skills too!


  1. Make Learning and Reading Fun

Have pens, pencils, crayons, colouring materials at hand in your house. Books are a great basis for art and craft activities! Here are 10 Crafts Inspired by Your Favorite Children's Books. We’re sharing some of them below:


Fun Handprint Art


Create The Rainbow Fish with a painted handprint, blobs of paint, glitter, and sequins!


No Time for Flash Cards


Make a mosaic chameleon with paper shape or puffy foam shape cutouts with YPlus’ range of kid-safe scissors.


Will you be trying some of these craft activities? Have fun with stories and art!

-Y Plus SG